Project management mentoring

kblProjects-Direct.Net mentors the directors and managers of non-profit organisations as they manage projects both in Kabul (pictured left) and the UK. This ad hoc service works as an advice line that can respond quickly to questions and queries relating to the minutiae of running a project. It can also take the form of more strategic support, such as introducing managers to key principles of project management. Questions relate to monitoring and evaluation best practice, delaying project activities, staff security, reporting to donors and troubleshooting. This work is often done online and at a distance. However, we have also accompanied directors to the field in order to support them with project logistics on the ground. 

For directors of small non-profits it is often useful to have a second opinion outside the organisation to provide context, a symapthetic and honest assessment of a problem. The outcome of some meetings with state bodies or local organisations can be difficult to interpret, and directors find it useful to get an additional opinion on the meaning of the  contents, especially where the nonprofit is outnumbered by the hosts. 

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