Transparency International


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The purpose of this consultancy was to evaluate how far the Transparency International - Secretariat (TI-S) had gone towards achieving the mutually agreed outcomes as stated in the DFID-funded Programme Partnership Arrangement (PPA) performance framework. The evaluation also derived lessons which enabled TIto inform its future strategies, programmes, approaches and set-up. The evaluation assessed how the unrestricted and strategic nature of the PPA funding agreement had benefitted DFID and TI. 

The target audience and main users of the findings of the evaluation were the Transparency International Secretariat and the Civil Society Team at DFID. In terms of scope, the evaluation focussed on the PPA period April 2008 to 2010. 

To fulfill this brief we: 

  • Arranged and chaired a series of meetings/interviews with Transparency International - Secretariat staff to review and assess the range of initiatives that were selected for support from the PPA and an evaluation of their contribution to the achievement of the agreed outcomes of the PPA. 
  • undertook a review of reports received by the Transparency International - Secretariat from its Chapters in Zambia and Pakistan
  • reviewed a range of evaluations of Transparency International - Secretariat supported initiatives 
  • undertook interviews/surveyed a range of stakeholders from TI’spartners, DFID policy teams and country offices, etc 
  • interviewed/surveyed with a selection of key partners by a range of means including tele/videoconference interviews and meetings with and visits to two Chapters. 
  • Reviewed the annual PPA Self-Assessment reports which Transparency International - Secretariat has submitted to DFID since 2008. 
  • Reviewed other TI-S reports, including TI-S implementation reports. 

Projects-Direct.Net worked as an associate with IOD PARC in the production of this assessment.