Reflections on Durban

I had heard so much about the UNFCCC climate change conferences, and was curious to feel the buzz of a large international event. The COP is a major communications event, with the world media in attendance, and the large international not-for-profits whipping up pre-conference reports, cross-continent caravans and campaigns. I had been warned to expect utter exhaustion by the end of our trip where we had to organise an orientation day, 12 breakfast briefings, a media clinic, and to mentor 20 journalists from 15 countries.

Community Media Forum Europe 2011

The first Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE) conference was hosted at the shiny new offices of Home for Cooperation in Cyprus earlier this month. Set in the UN buffer zone (locally referred to as the Dead Zone) among the ruined streets of the 1974 conflict, it was a sobering location to bring together 50 media organisations committed to increasing citizens’ voices in the political process.

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