Culture As A Development Tool: Six Lessons Learned

How can the EU improve cultural diplomacy in Eastern Europe?

South Sudan: From Frisbee to cholera

In December 2013 there was a field close to the UN compound in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, where every Saturday young American aid workers would hang out and play Frisbee. They would take extra Frisbees so local children could join in and have some fun and spend…

The Politicised Legal Systems of Central Asia

 “Our country is rapidly becoming like Sicily”, according to one legal expert in Kyrgyzstan. The continued weakening of the legal system, and political interference in the judicial system is turning ordinary citizens away from taking small family disputes…

Ageing: The Greatest Threat to Post-Soviet Society

The 11 countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) are starting to wake up to one very big and shared problem: Ageing.

Over the next 10 years, demographics dictate pension reform is going to become a priority area as migrant workers who travelled to Moscow and Kazakhstan in the 1990s…

The Problem with Syria

Syria is a personal as well as a political conflict

2013 World Radio Day Speech at SOAS

Tim Williams' speech marking World Radio Day 2013


I would like to introduce you to Elisabeth Blanche Olofio who was killed about a month ago - on 8th January 2013 - during the looting of the Be Oko community radio station in Bambari in Central African…

Millennium Goals of Culture

Tim chaired the opening panel discussion of the International Conference "Millennium Goals of Culture?" at the Villa Decius in Cracow Poland in October 2007.

Reframing Africa’s story

Close your eyes for one second and think about Somalia. Did any of the following come to mind?

Can ICTs bring about social change in Africa?

The role of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube in the Arab Spring created a renewed buzz around the use of social media and ICTs in fostering social change.

Tunisia’s post-revolution media frustrated by lack of change

It couldn’t have been worse timing. As the world’s press freedom activists were landing earlier this month for the first day of a media freedom conference, TV magnate Nabil Karoui was convicted by the Tunisian government of blasphemy and ‘disturbing public order’ for broadcasting the animated film Persepolis, which contains a fleeting image of God.

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