Who is the Director?



Tim Williams

Tim is an international development project expert with over 20 years of experience of project design, project management and project evaluation and project communication in over 50 countries. 

An organisational development specialist, Tim has established a reputation for helping six local non-profits to develop out of large-scale international donor initiatives, by developing their sustainable fundraising plans, proper financial management, the change management of executive and non-executive organisational structures and outputs that have tangible impact on local beneficiaires.

Tim has led evaluation teams working on project grants, network assessments and core funding schemes on behalf of bi-lateral and multi-lateral donors. He has also assessed concept notes on behalf of global calls for proposals.

As a trainer he has developed and executed formal vocational education, workshops, and individually tailored sessions. He has mentored groups of media specialists and senior managers in developing fundraising strategies, approaches to donor visbility and journalism.

He has managed communication programmes for multi-country initiatives, and developed organisational communication plans.

An award-winning BBC broadcast journalist with a number of New York Festivals gold and bronze awards for Russian- and Romanian-language radio programmes. He produced the first business news slot on Russian national radio, oversaw the production of 15 documentary series, and edited four educational ‘soap operas’ in Albania, Myanmar, Russia, and Romania. These programmes focused on key development issues, and advocated for improved education, gender equality, health and child survival.